[DHE Student Workshop] Forced Creativity

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Sooshin Choi(최수신) 작성일 Fri, Dec, 07, 2018 13:00-17:00 TD room(1005), EB2(104)



"Forced Creativity"
Sooshin Choi (최수신), MFA, RCA, IDSA
CEO & CDO The Modus Design Institute LLC.
Past Provost & Vice President for Academic Affaris
Professor of Design | College for Creative Studies
Director of School of Design | University of Cincinnati
- Location: TD Room(1005), Engineering Bldg. Ⅱ(104)
- Date and time: December 7th (Fri.), 13:00~17:00
- Open to All DHE Students & Conducted in English
- Contact: Prof. James A. Self(, DHE, UNIST 

[Workshop Synopsis]
Developing design is like assembling Lego blocks, wherethe toy blocks are the elements for comprising designing. However, with the same Lego blocks, one can build a creative assembly while others can make ordinary ones. 
Likewise, wellestablished design processes do not guarantee creative designs. Creativity is an ability that allows designers to bring something that others cannot even imagine.
Many believe that the ability to be creative is God-given or inborn, something that cannot be taught or trained. While it is true that many creatives have such talents in their genes, it is also a fact that creativity can be trained. Even for those who are creative, there are ways to “force” them to be even more creative.
This workshop - forced-creativity - will help students to learn some methods to produce creative and unthinkable designs.
[Student Learning Outcomes]

Students successfully attending the workshop will be able to:

- Use a number of forced-creativity tools, and

- Become creative design thinkers and doers



(13:00-13:30) Lectur Fe: orced-Creativity

(13:30-14:30) Practiced Forced-creativity tool 01.

(14:30-15:30) Practiced Forced-creativity tool 02.

(15:30-16:30) Development of a design choice

(16:30-17:00) Presentation & Review



-  Post-it notes

-  Sketch pads & pens