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The Industrial Design track is designed to foster creative designers who can lead the innovative design of product and product-service systems. It provides interdisciplinary courses on design knowledge, methods and techniques across the entire product development process, including problem definition, user and market analysis, needs finding, creative idea generation, form and function development, design engineering, prototyping and business start-up. Students majoring in the ID track will play an essential role as integrative design thinkers and practitioners in future society, leading positive and innovative change in our society by employing user-centered design and scientic methods.

Required Course
Course No. Course Title Semester
IID201 Design Elements and Principles spring
IID221 Design History and Contexts
IID301 Product Design Ⅰ
HFE202 Human Factors Fundamentals
SDC301 Introduction to Engineering System Design
IID431 Creative Design Ⅰ
IID202 Product Design Fundamentals fall
IID332 UX Design Research Methods
IID302 Product Design Ⅱ
IID432 Creative Design Ⅱ
Elective Course
Course No. Course Title Semester
HFE303 Color Science & Engineering spring
HFE304 High Touch Design
HFE308 Sensation and Perception
HFE404 Brain-Computer Interface Design
IID201 Design Elements and Principles
IID206 Design Visualization
HSE207 Engineering Mechanics
HFE309 Work Measurement Methods fall
HFE405 Safety Engineering
HFE406 Affective Engineering
HFE406 Research Practicum in Human Factors
HFE302 Cognitive Ergonomics
IID304 Interactive Technology
IID232 3D CAD & Prototyping
HFE410 Special Topics in HFE Ⅰ -
HFE420 Special Topics in HFE Ⅱ